078: What Topics For Social Media?

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What topics for social media? What could you be talking about to prospects, people that are interested in your goods and services, things about you that would capture their attention?

Quite often customers of mine, clients that I work with, say, "What will I talk about?", "What would be interesting?" Well, I can think of so many different aspects of a business that would be interesting!

I will give you an example. If you work every single day, and you're a plumber, you might think, "Well, who's interested in plumbing?" Well, you might get a handyman, somebody wants to do it themselves and their interested in knowing how to do things. In reality, they will find out they really don't want to do it. It's too hard. But if you're showing them, educating them about what it is you do, giving them tips and advice.

And if you look at what I've got here, I could be using case studies, actual people's stories where the customer is saying, 1) what was the problem, 2) what it is that we did for the fix, 3) how we went about it, and do it in a short video presentation.

I've got other things here. Meet the team! If you're in a small business, or there's different people that are doing different activities that make up your business. Create a mini-celebrity out of each individual when you, for example, have the About Us box. You might have for each person in the team, you may just capture some details about them. Do a short video what it is they do, or just highlight them, like you have an employee of the month, you could have "Employee of the Month". Do a blog entry about that.

What else have I got here? Case Studies. Associated products and services. Now, for example, I develop businesses. I develop the systems. I put websites, social media together, but I can also talk to you about how to effectively engage your audience, communicate.

Or they could be interested in how to work with associated partners to mutually benefit each other because I've had to do that myself. Why not work in with other people where you bring people to their website. They bring people to your website, or you give cross referrals to each other. That is about building relationships!

You see, when we think of ideas for our social media, whether it's our blogs, things that we're going to talk about, we've got to think outside of the traditional "what it is we do".

I'll give you another example. If I was working in a hairdressing salon. That is a highly visual industry. So people are always... your clients, is you've got people that are interested in fashion, styling, hair, make-up. You've got so many things that you could be doing to attract them. You've got the visual aspect. It could be Instagram, Pinterest, where the image says 1,000 words. You could be using video when you're doing this.

So, you've just got think of one angle somebody would be interested in. But also, if you can think of "What if?", "How do I do something?" In the industry of hair:

  • How to do some make-up
  • How to properly colour hair, or,
  • Do nails, explaining about that.

Once you think like that there are so many topics that you can come up with. And it's really being able to step back and say, "Well, what is it I can talk about?" I'm doing this in 3 to 4 minutes and instantly got a product. I've got content there. It's fresh. It's relevant. And you can be doing the same and have somebody go and do the rest for you. And that's how it's done.

My name's David Lee. Thanks very much for listening.

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