081: First Impressions Lasting Impressions

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First impressions lasting impressions. We do judge people, and books, by their cover, by their appearance. And how you being judged? Or you simply don't know?

My name's David Lee. In this short presentation I would like to talk to you about how you think people are judging you when they first come in contact with you. And it may not just be in person. It could be word-of-mouth, business card, a brochure, leaflet, website, social media, at a presentation, in public. How are people judging you? And what is going on in their mind when they see you for the first time to the point where they actually make purchasing commitment with you? What's happening?

Take a look at that lady there. Is she any different to your customers today? Look at her. She's looking... she's "in the moment". That photo may be 100 years old, but are people really any different? Down inside she's loves to feel good looking out the camera. What are her hopes, her dreams, her aspirations in a life that is now over?

It's no different to your customers, and how a you viewing your customers? How are you treating them? How are you speaking to them? Or do you not even take any notice of what happens? You just use the same presentation, the same words that you've always used, and not thought anything about it.

That is why the first impression is so critical. And if you can create that first impression to maximise, the chances are that you will be seen favourably upon compared to other people, why don't you take it? Why don't you try to do something about it? Because most people, your competition, are doing nothing. And you have the opportunity, because of what they don't do, to set yourself apart from everybody else. To create that lasting impression in the first few seconds.

And not only that, think about yourself. If you're going through some type of buying decision. What would you be thinking about the credibility of the person, the proof, the track record, all these things that go on in the mind till a point when we feel it is emotionally, not logically, emotionally comfortable that you're the person that I want to work with. That I want to deal with.

So, answer those questions. That's what I do that separates me from just... I'm not of website designer or developer. I am on marketing, business person looking at your business, what you cannot see, and taking you and getting your objections answered and people don't even realise it. They just naturally feel as though you've got to be the one because should taken away all the objections. If only you sat down and realise what people are thinking about. What makes them comfortable is quite often not what you had in your mind.

My name's David Lee. Thanks for listening and watching this presentation. Thank you.

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