063: 21st Century Mobile Office

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This is David Lee from Instant Internet Identity, Well, look at this image. Here's what your 21st-Century mobile office looks like. Yes, it is possible, and I'm going to explain how I was able to do this myself and perhaps you would like to do it.

I developed property systems in the United Kingdom over a period of years and one of the things of working in that industry with property, I had to physically be there quite often. With the buying, the selling, the renting out, having things to follow up on in the whole process. And it's one of the things I didn't like. I wanted independence. I wanted mobility and I wanted cost efficiency in my business.

You see, it's not how much you earn, it's how much you spend. And now I've been able to, over the years, I can pick up my laptop computer and take it with me wherever I want. If that's something that is of interest to you I'm going to show you. I just worked out every time I went away, did I have what I needed? Did I have the product, the service, that I could do online? If I'm doing consultations, for example, do I have to be there in person? Do I have to be physically in London, where I was based, in my home where I work from to be able to talk to you over the Internet? No, I didn't need to be.

If this is the information age, and people are wanting my information, I can produce it in book format, in audio, video. I could create books. I could sell it online. And that's virtually what I do. If you're in an industry where people are using your expertise or they're wanting your consultation service... you could be an architect, a designer. You could be somebody that writes books. You could be somebody that's a website developer that you just need to speak with somebody, even like my legal person. I don't have to go see him. He's a solicitor. You could be doing legal work, for example, from home, from an island in the sun, and still be getting everything done online. Just think of how it's possible, because I do get people with the negative mindset, the "Can't Do" mentality. "Oh yeah, that's just a pipedream." Don't know how. Well I'm showing you how.

At Instant Internet Identity I'm showing you how to outsource and get it done for you, if that's what you want. So that you're just concentrating your focus on what you're doing. And if I've got a laptop computer, a mobile phone, a smartphone and a notepad, I can do all this. I used to say at my trainings, "What do you want to do? Do you want to earn in pounds and spend in pounds? Earn in dollars and spend in dollars? Earn in euros and spend in euros? Or would you prefer to earn in pounds, dollars or euros and spend in pesos, for example?" And they all liked the last idea.

So if you are able to, if your lifestyle would permit it, if that's what you
want to do, and you're developing your own business or you've got a business, and you could transform a lot of the processes that you do into an online, automated environment, come and join me. That's what I do with my business. I show you how I do it so you can follow the same steps.

So there's your 21st-Century mobile office. Come and join me. My name's David Lee. Thank you.

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