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047: Show Me The Money

The “Keeping Busy” Syndrome. Keeping busy… We can be busy building websites. “David, I’m just building a website, and when it’s all up I’ll be ready! But before I do this I’ve got to run off to a meeting. We’ve got a very important meeting. It could be in our association. I’ve got to go…

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046: Are You Always Just Getting Started?

The “Just Getting Started” Syndrome. Just getting started, but something got in the way. I meet people, “David, I’m saw you last time and I was really getting started, but I had a family crisis just crop up. But, it all over now! I’m just getting started.” Or, “We had some problem at work. I…

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041: Do You Suffer From Procrastination?

Procrastination! Yes, we thought about it long and hard when we were an employee. We came and we said, “We’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset”. We’re a business owner. We want to grow “this baby”. We want to see it develop, except… you haven’t got really the mindset. An entrepreneur, unlike an employee in many ways,…

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