093: Your Daily Business Workout – How Fit Are You?

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Good morning! It's David Lee. It's my video blog today. I was thinking of an idea. I'm due to post one today. I'm in the gymnasium and I thought, looking around at the people, how is this a reflection of people that I have met, trained in business. Why is it that so few people that say what they're going to do actually implement?

So if I scroll and pan around the gymnasium here... there's my wife in the corner, I see some faces that are here everyday. That lady there that's doing those press ups, she's here everyday. You see this gentleman here in the red, he's here everyday. These two girls that won't look at me, they're very shy... see if they can wave, but they're here everyday. So is this lady here doing the press ups. Everyday she's here.

But I see so many people that just come and go and they're not here everyday! And I wonder, is it any different in their life, because we get distractions all the time. I have to be consistent. I get here and I'm programmed for nine o'clock to get here everyday. I'll train for about an hour and a half, and it is a routine now. It is a discipline. I go in the afternoon and do guitar lessons and I do turn up. And the instructor there said to me, "You go about it very slowly and methodical and that's a sign of success." And all this put together is what makes us successful in business.

You don't have to hit the "home run" and on the first day, but I know when I've trained many people they are looking for a result, absolutely, yesterday! As quickly as possible. And to get the results in the gym, get the results doing the guitar lessons, it is a programmed effort, a mindset that says, "We are not always going to get it always overnight. We have to go through the steps. We have to go through the trainings, the learnings, the failures, the pain." Yes! I've had the pain walking around here in the town after my training sessions. But I understand that is part of the process.

So, whatever we do in life, when we're learning new skills, doing new things differently. When we go out. When I go look into the town, for example, again it is a learning lesson. When I see the people out in the shopping malls they all look and sound the same.

I'll give you an example, and I will do this is an example. If I go and say in their language, "Kumusta ka?", which is, "How are you feeling?" I can guarantee you 100 times out of 100, they're all going to say, "Okay lang", which just means, "I'm only okay." I'm only okay today. They're never "Very good." They're never "Very well.", or "I'm not feeling so good today." There's no explanation to how they are. It's just I'm, "Okay lang." I look at that and say (to myself), "Can't you say anything else?" Or I get to the point I won't even ask them how they're feeling. Or, if they ask me back, I'll say, "Patay lang" , which means "dead"! And I don't think they even hear. I don't think they even listen. They are going around... they're (also) programmed!

I get people that use Filipinos to do their outsourcing work, and they have absolutely no idea of who they could be getting, especially if they're on a site where the person is just seeking work individually, not through an organisation. They are not aware of what they're going to be up against!

So I use is an explanation if you really want to run a business. Are you just going to be doing like the majority of the people? Are you just, "Okay lang", or do you want the results? Are you wanting the results of the workout, of the training, of the trainers, of the people that are consistent?

I am consistently putting up content for you every single day, and I know most of you will not be watching it. You're going to be so busy in your life doing the same result, getting the same result as always, but that's okay. It's only the very few that get the results, and I've seen this for years and years and years.

The ones that get the result have already got a base. They are just adding to what they know. If you've got no foundations at all, don't come to the gym! Don't get some guitar lessons. Don't try and run a business thinking you know all the answers just because you've got a trade or a skill cause running a business is so different. You have to be a "jack-of-all-trades" in many respects.

Thank you very much! This is David Lee. I'll let you go. Look at my wife. She's not working out as she should be! "Get working harder!"

See you again next time! Bye! Bye!

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