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What are your expectations from outsourcing offshore, to places perhaps like the Philippines where I'm at now.

Do you really expect to pay peanuts and get what in return? Or, are you looking for something that's going to give you the structure and organisation for when you're not there, you can't see what's going on, but you've got a team that's functioning and delegated and actually coordinated in what they're doing? Is that what you are looking for?

"Hi! My names is Trish, and I'm the Project Manager of the various teams here for our international and national clients."

"Hi! My name is Romel and I am the Team Manager of web development, and we're doing websites using WordPress, and also membership sites. And, I love working with the team because there are lot's of skills for each of us, and then we make sure that we follow the system so we deliver on-time and will make them happy and satisfied."

"Working with us is like having an office away from home. What's good with this company is that we have staff that come in and have their own responsibilities and deadlines and everything is accountable for the work they do."

"Hi! I'm Anne. I'm the Team Leader of the Social Media team, and we do social media marketing for our customers. We do this for the customers to let them known online on a regular basis. As you can see I have this on-queue statuses for clients to be known online and to get more leads and to get more reach through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram."

"One big advantage for you working with us is that you as a client is going to pay by the hour. That means that you have access to a pool of professionals that can do WordPress, article writing, social media marketing and a whole lot more."

"Hi! I'm Mixy, and I'm part of the graphics team. This is what we are currently working on, and the customer is very delighted of what we have and very happy with it. And now we can hand it over to the web development team for the implementation of the website."

"Although our services sound very promising, unfortunately this is not for everybody. Our company has had a lot of clients of the years and most of them are long term, and have been with us for a series of years. So, if you're serious enough with your business and is willing to have, or to build a longer relationship with us then this is for you."

"Hi! So this is Judah a web developer."

"Hi! I'm Judah."

"So, right now from the graphics team, so they've forwarded the design and then we code it. So Judah can explain it."

"What I've done with it is visiting this site if it's responsive. So I use StudioPress for testing the site if it's responsive."

"With that, so the client is happy and they said that she is really good, doing a great job for a web developer."

So, do you want to learn the hard way? Do you want peace of mind? Do you want to do it your own way where you may cut costs and cut corners, but it will cost you in the long run? I've seen it too many times.

You really do need an office away from your office where everything is taken care of. Where you know that there's staff being looked after with project managers, with responsibilities, with timelines. Exactly what you're wanting.

So this is why Instant Internet Identity is not for everybody. It is for established businesses that understand the real cost of doing business. So, yes, you can go out and find staff cheaper but if they're working from home, working from a shed and there's blackouts and there's all the issues that come with trying to cut corners, well you pay for it in the long run.

In fact, with Instant Internet Identity, the team that we have here behind us are already trained and understand the system that we use. So, you are productive with your team from day one. And, as time goes by, guess what? They can do you the exact requirements that you're wanting, that you're needing on an ongoing basis for your business, but from day one they are productive for you, instead of you trying to train them for months and months on end and hoping they that don't leave at the drop of a hat.

So, this is David Lee. This is a team here at the Internet Internet Identity Assistants in the Philippines. So, keep looking over the page and get in contact with me, if we can help you too.

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