006: Meet The Instant Internet Assistants

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Hi! It's David Lee in the Philippines.

I'm doing a post here to show you what can be done when you're looking for outsource workers, and I'll relate this with a story. I arrived at Manila airport at 1:00am in the morning. Now, if you're not familiar with things in a new country, or, you're looking to outsource yourself and you're not familiar, this is what can happen. I'm familiar. My wife is from the Philippines so I actually know what to expect.

When I arrived at 1:00am in the morning, I'm not going to walk (of the airport) looking for a taxi. There weren't any, so I took a local taxi. I asked specifically, "How much was it going to be?", and I thought, "That's okay." He showed me on the sign exactly what was going to be.

But somehow, when I arrived at the other end, they added 1,000 pesos and I had to speak to the "manager" at the other end on the telephone. I said, "No, you didn't quote me that, you quoted me 440 pesos, not 1,000 more", and I stood my ground and I got away with it. Somebody else would have been intimidated by that, but that happens typically. I asked for a wake-up call the next morning. It was early in the morning and they just forgot! They just didn't do it, so I missed breakfast. I went to the local restaurant in the night time as I was a bit hungry. Everything on the menu, they didn't have it!

You're just not familiar with what goes on. I just rolled with it and accepted it. But if you're looking for people to do work for you, it could be an outsourcing firm, you are not familiar with how it really goes. For example, if you see people speaking about outsourcing, did you know that not often they run the outsourcing organisation? They are just spokespeople. They speak on stage. Take the money up front and then pass it on to somebody in the Philippines whoever they liaise with. They even do...they'll change the boarding just make it look like their business and then put the other boarding back afterwards. You don't know that, so the service delivered is not always what you expect up front. But that's okay, they've got your money.

This is what I'm showing you What you can (have), the benefits if you know what you doing. If you didn't know at the airport you would have got suckered in every step of the way. So, when I'm here in the Philippines I also have a team that are doing different tasks like you so behind me. They're doing graphics work. These people here, they're doing social media work. They've got a Project Manager, so everything's coordinated. So, if you have it done the right way...

"What are you guys doing? WordPress, aren't you?" WordPress, that's specifically what they're doing for their customers. Here's some people here that are doing just general client-assistant work. I'm going here looking at all the work they're doing. Over here we have people that are doing specific website development for their clients. We've got the Project Leader.

"What's your name?"

Just briefly, you're given tasks that are handed down from your Project Manager. You come into work every day.

"And I delegate the tasks." You delegate the tasks so there's coordination. Now you work for specific clients?

"Yes, we work for specific clients." So you are working, liaising with them for their specific needs?

"Most of the time it's the Project Manager." Oh, you've got some structure? "Yes" And it's organised? "Yes"

And how is it working in here for you, how's the environment? You tell me.

"I love the system. The system is really nice. It's because you are timely given, you are given a deadline and then you have to achieve that. Complete the project on time so that the client will be happy with it."

That's important for the company?

"The system is very important."

So, you would say the way we're working here, as we work together, it's very much client-focused? It's not just a job here and a job there?

"No. It's very much client focused."

So I didn't script him at all. I didn't tell you what to say?

"No, no."

I want to say that that exists, if you can find it. So, that's an example. If you're running a small business, can you afford to be paying staff to be doing all this type of work, or do you want to be able to have a solution? So, you have to do the work to find out where it exists. And don't take somebody's word-of-mouth. As I said, they may not even be running the company. They are just there selling the business for the company and you, you have no idea.

So, I'm here in the Philippines just working with these people here. Just developing my business as well and making sure that I'm delivering a client-focused solution which is what we all should be doing.

So, thanks very much for joining me for these few minutes.

Bye! Bye!

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