062: Reframing Negative Excuses

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Hello my name is David Lee from Instant Internet Identity. In today's presentation I thought I'd share with you four simple examples of reframing negative excuses that get in our way to master your business mind. It is quite an achievement to be able to be independently and free thinking instead of the conditioned world that we live in where everything's like programmed about how to respond and react and how to think.

As an entrepreneur we have to be freethinkers, be able to reason and come up with our own conclusion. And I'm going to give you four examples of what I see and I'm sure you've seen these yourself.

Number One. There's never enough money. Not enough money, is there? There's not enough time. There's a bad economy out there. And, what's the catch? Yeah, you've heard always before.

And I'll just let you know I've found from my experience that being an entrepreneur, running a business, delegating and taking opportunities when they're there, is not for everybody. People quite often are followers. I've found about the 95% are really employee types that are suited to the flows of certainty of going to and from the job and it's not for everybody and that is fine! That's no problem at all.

But if you believe, and you feel inside, that you have got that initiative, you've got that right, that passion, that determination, and you want to create something, these are the ingredients, and you're entrepreneurial by nature. Let's reframe these excuses that keep coming up.

You need your skill set. You need your foundation, but you've got to clear your mind of all the things that typically get in the way. You haven't got enough money? Well join the club. We've never got enough money. Sell the idea first.

If it is such a good business, a concept, you can go and partner with other people which is... not enough time. Partner with others. And come on, with the Internet age, with technology, it has never been easier to start up a business! Just imagine 50 years ago, 100 years ago, trying to run a business. It was all local business quite often. You had the challenges that you don't have today. Everything can be automated at a fraction of the cost. You can leverage your time, effort through other people, through technology. I look at that and say, "Wow! This is available. I can use it. I can take advantage of it."

And the bad economy? Oh yes, that is another typical excuse. What about what happens in bad economies? A lot of business for all by the wayside. If you're developing your business and ironing out all the bugs and all the problems, guess where you're at by the time the economy picks up? You're ready to go. And that's what happened with the last great recession. A lot of businesses that became successful were ones that emerged out of the recession or the Great Depression.

And finally... it's just like it's programmed with so many people. You say a word. You say catchphrase, whatever, and they react, "What's the catch?" Guilty until proven innocent. You can't be thinking like that. Where's the opportunity? You have to look at things openly.

It's just like you could have a bias toward one political party over the other political party. And it doesn't matter what one of them says, you're always going to default to the one that you agree with. You can't do that. You need to be able to, evaluate, work out what makes sense, what doesn't make sense, where is the opportunity, and, see from the other person's point of view if there's somebody trying to sell you an idea.

That's the way I look at it, and it's the way that I evaluate it and it has worked for me. It's worked for entrepreneurial people. I had to have a positive mindset, a "Can Do" mindset. That's what I want to convey in this short presentation.

My name is David Lee. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you.

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