088: Recharge Your Business Productivity

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It's David Lee here. Now this a business blog for today. If you recall recently I did a blog called, "Breathe, Meditate, Relax". And it was really about how to improve your business by, sometimes, stepping away from your business. Getting away. Thinking about what you're doing. Get back to nature and really it is to bring down, what can happen, is your stress levels getting above where they should be through the daily grind of city living, if that's where you live, and the responsibilities of running a business.

Now, we are not even aware at times of what's going on. In fact, we are the last people that would be aware if our stress levels are high, if we're agitated, if we're feeling pressured. We just don't pick up the signals.

And that's why I deliberately go about taking time away. And I find. and I think you'll find this too, you can actually be more creatively productive when you get back to nature. When you get back to feeling at one with yourself, because there's got to be a reason for everything we do.

Are we doing it just for the sake of running around, burning ourselves out, paying the bills, trying to chase the money all the time, or is it about having a life that is what we wish for ourselves and wish for the people near us, our family, the people that we associate with.

If you want be better at what you do you have to think about yourself at times because you are number one and, quite often, we cannot look after our business, our responsibilities, if we are not looking after ourselves.

So just take a look. I want you to observe just around. It's so quiet here... and that is one of the things I notice. I get thinking time. Just have a look at the vegetation. Sometimes we don't even take notice of what's around us. I hear the wildlife every now and then, but I can sense of peace about myself.

We were out on the lake, the people that are with me on this tour, on the boat together, and just in a state of quietness, well-being, and just looking around. That's all I'm saying. Take some time out and give it to yourself. Give back to yourself everything that you're putting out in your business and re-energise you, so you can fight another battle. There's many battles to be waged when you're running a business, but it is the long run.

So I'm going to get back to nature. I'm just checking in the say, "hello", and wishing you well in this upcoming year.

Thank you very much. This is David Lee.

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