085: New Year Resolutions For 2017

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Happy New Year everybody! This is David Lee. I'm in the Philippines getting away from winter for 4 months. Sabera and myself decided that enough is enough and we'd like to wish you a great 2017.

Okay, the celebrity death count goes back to zero. But is that the most important thing in our lives? Yes, they have influenced us, but the most important things in our lives is ourselves. What we're doing in the world.

And when I'm here in the Philippines, Sabera's got her family here. Some young children that she's bringing up. With them and talking to them and trying to impart what I know because, like everything, we are outsiders and when we go into a different environment we are seeing the world completely different to what local people are seeing. That is their environment. That's what they are used to.

And I say to people, "Step out of your own world. Step out of your own environment." And as we approach this new year look at it differently. That's what my training has always been. I was going in (to organisations) as an outsider, as a neutral, and half the people would love me and another half would despise me. Because I would have to look at systems and operations objectively and see how they affected (everything). I wasn't in favour of one side or the other. It was how things operated.

When I'm talking to these young kids I see things that they cannot see. I try to point out what they're watching on the TV. Why they're watching it. How does it help them? When was the last time they read a book? And they're not reading. And therefore what do they want to achieve in their lives?

Now I get them to step through one at a time if they do these steps what will happen? And it's part of the changes we make and make our New Year's resolution. Whether they actually get fulfilled or that we can go back to our own old habits always kept and nothing does change.

So I pointed out to... one of them in their 20s now, but the others are still young... if you keep doing this what can be the result? But if you don't, I get them to tell me what the result will be.

So, one example that I gave them was if you continue to have a bad diet, like I see in this country, they eat a lump of rice and fried meat, and they don't eat vegetables... they're stressed, quite often their sugar intake, via Coca Cola, via just sugar directly, is there all the time. The sweets that they are taking in and they're just not aware of it, and they take it in and I just show them articles and I get them to observe.

What's the reaction? And they laugh! And I said, "That's the reaction I expect because you just laugh it off." And the adults just laugh it off, "Oh, things go better with Coke!" *Yeah! Well, do they? Diabetes goes well with Coke as well. It goes very excellent. Have a look at the statistics." They don't want to hear it.

And I also show them when we went to Sabera's parents' tombs. "They're right there," I said, "I'm right there. I'm going to have a look at who else is here. How many have died young.*

I just took quite a few snaps of the ones that I saw there and that's a whole life's story, each one of them. One of them as young as 19 years of age, 26, 35, I remember them, early 40s, late 40s, 50s.

And in this environment you just have to have a road accident. You've just got to have something go incredibly wrong and you're not covered. No insurance. The lifestyle, the health, everything that goes in hand with what you're up against. And these are things that if I can share with them.

It's difficult when you say to them, "Step back and go into...no, get out of the goldfish bowl that they're living in. "If you want to change in 2017, kids, get out of the goldfish bowl and take a look and observe, and ask, 'Why everybody else is doing what they're doing?'"

The world is completely inverted these days. What looks to be good is bad. It is the total opposite of what we're seeing. The question is where are you taking in your information from? Because with information now completely biased, you have to look left, right, in between, and then finally, as I've told my Passion2Profit students for years on end, "You have to make up your own mind. Nobody's going to tell you what to do because you know best. Everything is correct and anybody else doesn't know what they are talking about, except you. You have all the answers. And what you say is absolutely true until you find out otherwise."

So you have to listen, be open, which is exactly what I do. Listen, be open, and take both sides. Listen to every point of view and then make the decision, not sit on the fence, make the decision what resonates with you.

That's my advice. My guidance for 2017. Resolutions... these are things that I literally have to do now, because as I sit back and I'm in Philippines I can look at the world and how everybody's running around in that rat race and it's easier to look at what I'm doing, what needs changing, what needs fixing and work on it from here so I can apply it and doing it consistently.

But I have to come to the conclusion:

  • What is it that's working?
  • What's not working?
  • How the world is changing?
  • What have I got to do to make it fit in?

That's my few words for 2017. I wish you all the best. To Danny Unthank, to Neil Gregory, Jason Cohen, relatives in Australia, Rick Otton, whoever is out there...David Cavanagh, all my friends in the virtual Facebook world, those that I don't get to speak to that much... I wish you a great 2017. If you are looking for change, you know where the change starts. It starts with you.

Thank you very much. Bye!

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