109: Life Is Like A Voyage Into The Unknown – Part 1

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Sandra: "Good day Sandra! Hi David! How are you?"

David: "Very well, but it's my last day today."

Sandra: "How sad."

David: "How sad. Yes? Sad? I'm returning to England tomorrow."

Sandra: "When are you coming back?"

David: "I don't know. Next year I hope to come back here."

Patricia: "How are you?"

David: "Very well. I'm going home tomorrow. After 3 weeks here."

Patricia: "How's the city? How did you like Medellin?"

David: "I like it very much here."

Patricia: "Great."

David: "It's sad I'm going to England. The weather's not good. There's a new culture in England, in the United Kingdom... it's called "Terrorism"! Understand? Like here during the 1970s and 80s. But I would like to return here."

Patricia: "We'll always welcome you back here."

David: "At this moment I'm in Medellin in Colombia. It's my gymnasium that I know for the last 3 weeks. I like very much the people here and the staff. A question for my friends... Do you speak English?"

Patricia: "No!"

David: "Do you speak English?"

Sandra: [Shakes head]

David: "Do you both think it's better that I speak Spanish here in Colombia? It's better that I speak Spanish?"

Sandra and Patricia: "Yes. Clearly. Yes, yes, yes!

David: "Do your friends speak English?"

Patricia: "I have one."

Sandra: "No many."

David: "No many. It's for this that I speak here in Spanish. 3 weeks ago I found in the wonderful city of Medellin. Here the majority of people speak only Spanish. But... but I can confirm that my Spanish was...basic but conversational. Yes? But... 3 weeks later, my Spanish... But I can confirm that my Spanish is also the same! But... I understand more! I understand with every day here with the team. The exercises are better for me. I feel very nice with my friends here in Medellin."

David: "Do you think this video is about learning Spanish? No! This video is an analogy about the people I know who say they want to change their life personally or financially. Compare my own immersion experience in a different culture, like a trip to the unknown. I will explain in 3 parts:"

David: "I'm with my trainer and also my evaluator for my first gym class here in 'El Gym'. And thanks to David I've got a lot of pain in the gym during the first 2 weeks of my visit here. Look! Each day each colour. Explain a little."

David (Trainer): "Each colour is a training day is evaluated by individual client needs. By criteria that show the routines according to the objective of the person to the objective of the person who trains."

David: "It's different to my routine in England. When I return to London I am going to continue with this program. Because each day I have different exercises to do. And for that I have much pain each day but today I feel better. I feel stronger. And for that I want to continue with this program. Thanks David Thanks very much for that."

"I want to explain to my friends about MOTIVATION. When I came here the first time I didn't speak well my Spanish. Moreover the culture, the list I understood nothing with the machines and the different weights."

"However, I have my motivation. Without motivation, what is the reason to advance yourself? It's necessary in life professional, in business life it's necessary. For a long time I wanted to understand South American culture David. It's important for me. I speak French and it's similar, but I would like to know the culture of your country and South America."

"My motivation was to experience everyday life. For that I don't like travelling here and there. Here in Medellin. To know the people. For that less like a tourist and more like a local. Learning the language represents a big part of that."

"What is your motivation?"

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