010: What Beauty Salon Business Are You In?

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Now, I've looked at your site. You know I've been to your website. You know I've been to Google Maps and seen what your shop looks like. I've done a bit of research to make sure that I'm talking the right language, that this makes sense what I'm saying.

Now look at these websites. It could be just like your website. In fact, most are very much the same. Tell me where it is that you are, in fact, giving me an ethical bribe to leave my name and email address with you? You're not doing it. Or perhaps I can find a Contact Me box, but you're asking me to contact you for what reason?

Did you know that people come and go and never return in an average of 5 to 8 seconds. You have to grab their attention and give them a reason to leave their information with you. And so, if you're not doing that on your website are you doing it in the salon itself? Are you collecting a database of people that you can contact, because the default answer is "No" up front. And so you need to be able to get that "No" into a "Maybe" into a "Yes", arousing their attention.

What I can also see when I look at your website, when I look at these websites, is...I'm bombarded, I'm overloaded with information. They look much the same. I want things simple, and when I look that I say, "Who's developed this website?" Would I be wrong to say that it could be a website designer, a programmer or a developer? Somebody that is highly analytical? And what do they know about marketing? Being able to understand the psychology of how people think. How they go through a buying process. Do you know it's almost little on none?

How do I know that? Because I have worked in that industry for many years. I was the go-between guy between the client who spoke people language, business language, and the technicians who talked in their own language. It was like a cryptic language. So, I was the one that was the conduit between both to make sure that the system was developed was according a specified sales funnel that met the requirements of the user. And I could see this is not happening.

This is a science to understand the marketing process, is a science that needs to be incorporated. And it doesn't matter with the reality of what your actual physical salon looks like. The moment I come into contact with you, whether it's via your website or I walk through the door, I want to be transformed. You see, I made those customers of homeowners. When I come in as a client I want to be transformed. I want to feel good. I want people talking about me. How I look. How I feel. I'm confident. That's your job. That's what you going to do.

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