032: Reasons Why Customers Ignore Your Restaurant

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Hi! I am here. This time in the Philippines. I've got Mark serving me an absolutely beautiful meal that I'm going to eat in this organic restaurant in the Philippines. And it's part of the time that I spend travelling here in different parts of the world. I don't have to spend a fortune. I'm in this fantastic restaurant. Here's one of the ladies. What's your name?

Kristy: "Kristy."

Hi Kristy! I've been here and I've been eating a few times. Is that right?

Kristy: "Yeah."

And what am I saying about the food here?

Kristy: "It's awesome. In this products we have home care and hair care and skin care. For example, this home care we have leather balm and furniture polish and [inaudible] and shampoo and mosquito spray."

Now, we are inside a restaurant aren't we?

Kristy: "Yeah."

Now this is what I saying. This is not a restaurant. This is a whole business to do with natural health. If I'm interested in, and you will say is about your customers, if I'm interested in eating well, aren't your customers also interested in anything that's natural products for them?

Kristy: "Sure. Yeah."

Absolutely. Now one of the things, the downside if you don't mind me saying? If it's okay Kristy if I say?

Kristy: "Yeah."

You have a fantastic restaurant on the inside. You have fantastic products. But when I go outside in the street I don't see. You are invisible. So, take a look out here. I want to show you, for example, 24 hours a day you have traffic stopping at these traffic lights going in two directions. And you have a big sign out the front.

Yet, when I walk past this restaurant, I don't see it. You do not exist, and what I've said to you is this is very typical of people that have their own business. They don't see the things that other people can see very clearly.

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