013: Pricing And Value Strategies For Your Beauty Salon

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I told you there's a system to win awards, to get recognition, to achieve the lifestyle that your business is working for you and you not being a slave to your business. There is a formula.

It is like a jigsaw puzzle. But quite often we don't have all the skills and that's nothing to be ashamed of. I do not have all the skills that I need to do my business. I therefore have the choice. Do I want to do it all myself and take time away from my focus? Or do I simply just pay somebody and make it happen quicker?

Because this is the dilemma we all have. We don't know what the pieces are. We don't know how they fit together. And we all know what we're trying to achieve, but we simply cannot do it alone. And it's impossible. You need to focus on your business and have specialists around you. I told you that's why you need and marketing specialist who understands the marketing process.

So what are you going to do to make that happen? You've obviously got to do more than what you doing at the moment. Because I have looked at your sites. You're doing like everybody else. You're selling your commodities, your services based on price. It's a price-based way of doing business, and it is called the race to the bottom. And do you know what? The one who is the cheapest is the winner, and they're the first to go out of business.

Take a look at that. Are you doing the same as everybody? Doesn't matter what language it's in. Why can't you be selling a service? Why can't you be doing like I'm doing, giving a free consultation? Whether it online or when the customer walks in the door and say, "This is what I think we should be doing with you", instead of what quite often is the formula...the customer comes in and you ask, "Well, what's it going to be today, love?"

Perception is everything. Allow people to see you as the expert, the specialist, and give them the specialised, customised package that you are going to give them. The programme that you're going to give them, and guess what? You can charge more for it because it's a personalised service and people will pay for it.

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