043: Identifying Your Customers Benefits

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"It's not about you." What am I talking about, it's not about you? You want to start your business? You've got all these goals, expectations! You want to take your business to the "next level". Of course it's about you!

Not for your customer. Not for the person that you're trying to serve. If you're thinking about growing your business, it's about the people around you. I've had, in the property business... I would never think about the houses, I would think about the people in the houses. They were my assets. Your customers are your assets.

In fact, they will become your referral mechanism for future business. They will tell their friends and family if you deliver! If you follow up! If you don't have this mindset, "I'll try.", "I'll do my best.", "All I can do is apologise."

If you go ahead and do what you say you're going to do and deliver they will tell their friends and their family what you offered. Business will grow that way. But they really don't care about you. They care about them. So don't bring your egos into it.

If you've got a fancy car because you're successful, that can actually alienate and put off your customers because they think, if you've got this wealth, this material wealth that they can see this person could be taking advantage of me.

You could be more intelligent. She could be more intelligent. They could be somebody that I can't trust that reason because of what I see in front of me. Whereas, in another market, it could be a sign of success where people are trying to emulate you. So, be careful of the alienation.

And another thing, what's in it them? They want to know that they're going to have the same experience as the next person, the person that you've helped. If it's your customers that have been given a great service and they're complimentary, get the testimonials! Because it's got to be real.

And these testimonials where it's, "Mr J from Leeds", "Mrs S from Nottingham", blah, blah, blah. Waste of time. Wherever you can, it's got to be handwritten, it's got to be signed, it's got to be authenticated. It's got to be photographed if it's a photograph.

Even better, it's got to be on video, it's got to be on film. Because, when I'm talking now, you're seeing me as I am. This is the way people want see your customers. Natural in their natural state, talking about the experience because that's what they can relate to. They want to see proof. And, unfortunately, people make guarantees and make all sorts of statements. But if you've got no testimonials, no one to authenticate what you do, you are you can be running a long, hard battle to grow your business.

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