009: How To Build Loyal Beauty Salon Customers

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Let's make it easy for you to start off with. Quite often it's difficult to look at our own business. It's like bringing up the baby. We don't like people judging us how we're bringing up the baby cause the baby is our own business. Do you understand? Come and sit next to me and let's look into somebody else's business, and let's recollect what it was like when you were starting out. Do you see what I see?

"Hi! It's David Lee. I'm in this beauty salon that's being built at the moment. It's under construction inside a hotel that's been here for about 5 months, so everything is new. The owner is from Japan and they're replicating what they do in Japan here in the Philippines inside this hotel. They're actually employing staff at the moment that will be trained by Japanese staff.

And so all the equipment here that I've asked about is very expensive. The training to get everything up and running in place before the very first customer walks in the door. Now let's get back to the presentation and what I haven't told you."

What I haven't told you is that this beauty salon which is inside the hotel is on a private residential estate far away from the main roads. So people are not going to be driving or walking past the salon. And they are hoping, hoping to attract corporate customers and their families, wives, spouses to come to the beauty salon. And you know what it's like setting up a salon. They've told me they are using expensive equipment to set up. They're getting people from Japan to train the local Filipino staff to implement the system the way that they do in Japan.

Now how expensive is that? And they came up to me and said, "David, I know that you specialise in marketing, but how would you get customers through the door?" And I thought to myself, "You are doing things back the front." Do you understand what I mean? Wouldn't it be easier to get people aware of your business? What you're doing? Get the interest. That's what you have to do. It is far less expensive to do that. Doesn't that make perfect sense?

It's so easy to look from the outside looking in. What you need to do and what needs to go onto your blueprint list is...you have got to build a community. You've got to build a database, a list of people and keep in contact with them. Let them know who you are, what you do and make things interesting that they want to know about you.

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