077: Guerilla Marketing Essentials

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Online guerrilla marketing. Hello! My name is David Lee. I'd like to, over the next few minutes, just cover the psychology and the understanding of why we do guerrilla marketing online.

Now, if you're not familiar with the terminology, it's like marketing tactics that just don't follow the conventional way of doing things. It is really to get your attention. Get in front of people's eyes and, for a few critical seconds, to "break the ice". Get them to see you, hear you above everything else that they're probably listening to and hearing online, because you literally have just seconds to get your message across.

Once you capture their attention then you've got a have series of steps in place to bring them into your funnel, whether it's for purchase or just get them into opting into your website, video training whatever you've got... a free offer, something to bribe them.

Because human nature is such that we are... we've got two sides to us. It's the fear side where we're in doubt, we're in fear of what might happen. And the other side is the greed. It's just like feeding that greed if you can, and that's what you're trying to do. The greed meaning give them a special offer, a promotion, information, a consultation. Something that's going to say, "Oh, that's something I'd like to have!" It's got value in their minds.

So, getting their attention. The guerrilla marketing is to look at what everybody else is doing, and I suggest... When you work with me at Instant Internet Identity I will take a look at everybody in your industry. Typically what they're doing. And do you think it's a good idea to do the same? Or to go off on a different tangent? Because if you want the same results as everybody else just follow the former, because I find that 95% of people, doesn't matter what they doing in life, look and sound like everybody else.

So when you look at my website, for example. I'm promoting myself, David, in front of Instant Internet Identity. I have got to, if I want to get people understanding you at a human level, I'm trying to get them to connect with you, or a spokesperson, at that human level and to work on that eye-to-eye contact to bring them in.

You see, people feel comfortable if somebody is talking to them and they're talking to them in a language that they understand. So that they feel that connection. It is like "breaking the ice" and how are you going to do it? Do you want to go and make an appointment with everybody and go and see them and waste your time? Because most the time they're either not there or they can just say, "I will go and think about it."

You can break the ice online! Go through all the warming up of that client, potential client, to turn them into a customer so that when they meet you, either online, on the telephone, in person, they know who you are. Because, in many instances, as a small business it is that human factor, that human connectivity.

So, we are creating content here. It is mostly free. It is different, if you dare to be different. But it is effective! So, as I said, the goldfish mentality... people, their senses have been dulled down over the years, especially looking at online videos, TV and everything. So we're snapping them out of that trance that they're in, getting their attention and systematically taking through a series of steps.

That is why we do guerrilla tactics from time to time to get their attention and to get a response. And ask yourself, would you respond to what you look and see if you are outsider? Ask your friends, if they go to your website or whatever you're doing, "How do you truly feel and answer me honestly about what you see? Do you want to take action? Yes or no?"

This is David Lee. Sign up to my video training series here at Instant Internet Identity. I look forward to perhaps meeting you one day.

Thank you.

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