059: Four Simple Suggestions To Promote Your Business

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My name is David Lee. I'm going to give you four simple suggestions to promote your business. They are four low-cost guerrilla-marketing strategies to help you at a low-cost to get more people to your business.

Now, I will tell you most people will not do things like this! And you've got ask yourself, "And you going to be like most people?" And therefore, most people don't get the results. They keep imitating everybody else and therefore get the same results as everybody else. So I'm going to explain things that I have done in the past that I know work and ask, "Are you going to do them?"

Now, one of them is, you can use mini-magnets and stick them on your car. Do you hear me clearly? They're going to be small magnets. They're going to be little promos about you. It could be a little calendar or something that's got value. You're going to go and park your car at the shopping centre near in the parking lot. You're going to put quite a few these magnets on the car for people to walk past and pick one off to user as fridge magnets, for example.

What you're also going to do is the front screen and the rear screen of your car, what they being used for? Nothing! Get some type of boarding that's got some promo material about you, even if you have to get something cheap and nasty like those signboards that "For Sale". Just get a clear one and be writing on it, even if it's "rough and ready" about what it is you do, or get one that's designed, if you wish to do that.

You put that in the inside of the front driver's screen and on the rear side at the rear screen, so that when people walk past they can't help but see your signage inside the car. It's not going to get stolen. At the rear of the car they're going to see the magnets that are there, and you're going to be there. You could even be in the supermarket.

And what else you can be doing? You could have a T-shirt so people see you and recognise you and say, "Hi! I just picked up one of your magnets." That's number one.

Number two is creating a Facebook Fanpage. You've got that? You can do offers on there. Now with Facebook you can do Facebook Live and I have done it. I went to my barber and I said, "Why can't you be doing this?" Give me a discount or give me something, a special bonus offer. If I agree to, as your customer, do a quick Facebook Live testimonial that all my friends can see me here in the barber shop. I've had my haircut. He puts it to on his Facebook page. All the customers there that connects back to the website. You understanding? And I asked my barber when we did this Facebook Live, "How much did this cost?" Nothing. Got the picture?

Number three is a sandwich-board street walker. Go to a website called www.Fiverr.com. And you can get people to put signage around them. A front side, back side with a boarding, and it's got signage there. They could be handing out leaflets as well. And it's called Fiverr because it's five dollars. You negotiate how long you want the person to stand or go around in prime-time shopping time, handing out leaflets with the signboard and getting people to see your business when you're not there. Cheap and effective.

And finally, number four. If you're inclined to be able to write articles about your industry, about your business, offer it for free for magazines, for online magazines, online blogs. Bloggers need material. And all you want is your name and your link back to your site and provide others with content about the industry. By default, you become an expert. You become an authority inside your industry. And people get to find you that way with a back-link back to your blog or back to your website where they can opt-in.

So there four different ways, cheap and effective, for guerrilla marketing your business. My name is David Lee. Thank you very much.

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