027: Arouse Your Small Business Marketing Mind

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So let's have a look at your marketing mind. What did they teach you about marketing at your education system Rajesh, school or university or at work? What they teach about understanding the psychology of the human mind? How to communicate effectively. How to understand the body language. How to understand the meta-language, the communication? What did they teach you about all that?

Rajesh: "I got taught none of that. It was all text book stuff from a book. None of the human psychology, but no understanding about how to build rapport with the customer. The first time I've ever heard the Passion2Profit, and obviously you'll repeat it again, about how to get the heart and the mind together to connect with people. And so, it's all been an eye-opener for me. It's been totally new actually. I've not had any of that in any of the seminars I've been to. I've actually got a degree and I had none of that as well."

They're not going to get it, because this requires ongoing work. It requires a bit more effort. Sometimes there's frustration. But quite often people are wanting...they are wanting a quick fix. They're wanting the magic pill, Rajesh. And there is no magic pill.

And so they get all excited about the speaker. And they make it sound so easy. It's just going to happen. It's just like it easily rolls off the tip of their tongue. It's going to happen for you as well. And you can go and get a photo. And the speaker's warm and cuddly and he's a nice person, or she's a nice person and you feel good.

But, you know that presentation is just the tip of the iceberg. To run a successful business you need the infrastructure. You need the support. You need everything. I can talk a good talk, Rajesh, but if I do not have the systems, the infrastructure, everything in place, I know what will happen to my business.

And that's where people...they look at the cherry right at the top of the...the icing on cake and that's what they see. And they dream that that's going to happen. They have not got all the foundation layers. This is what I'm showing you is what is lacking. And I see it. All I can do is point it out.

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