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Internet Identity And Not Just A Website

Select Your Entry Level To Build Your Offline And Online Business Identity

As a business and marketing systems consultant my focus is to provide solutions to real-life problems that people just like you encounter when developing and promoting their small business. During my research I have found too many small business owners looking for band-aid fixes to the symptoms of what's not working rather than addressing the real problem.

To survive running your own business you need a well-constructed business and marketing approach to both your online and offline presence. What you see below are the multiple entry-points to address these problems according to your current budget and business needs. Depending on what level your business is currently at you select which level you start with the flexibility to move up as and when you are ready to.

If you are one of those people that think about your website like you would a cheap online business card then perhaps I am not the person you need. You should do like so many of others do and hire a family member or university graduate and think that's the "job done!" Your website is your portal to the outside world and how people will judge you, good or bad, in a matter of seconds. It's exactly what you are doing with me right now. So is that "quick fix website" really going to cost you more in lost business?

To gain a competitive advantage in the most time and cost efficient way possible, you must embrace technology into your business. Combined with communicating effectively, offering value and demonstrating customer empathy you will beat most of your competitors every time. How can you possibly do like everyone else and expect to attract and engage someone who doesn't know or really care about you?

Get Started Now!

You can choose to get started on one of three packages. Each package is a foundation to the next level that you can progress to as and when your business is ready for it. The Instant Internet Identity system has been developed to fit in with your needs!

Unfortunately, most small business owners are oblivious to the risks and costs they can incur simply through ignorance. Have you thought about what will happen should your host server go down or hacked? What about when your website gets hacked, as it will? How often is your website backed up? How easily can it be restored? These are the typical questions that most don't even know to ask until it happens to them. I have included into all packages a purpose built-in backup (done daily) and restore feature.

Additionally, you will be getting personal input from me and my vast business and marketing experience at every level you step up to. In case you didn't know, I also have a team in the Philippines that I have trained to meet any ongoing requirements. For both Instant Advanced and Instant Ultimate levels you can optionally access their support for ongoing tasks and support work.

Finally, in order to grow together I am including an ongoing education programme to empower you in your business. Don't allow yourself to have little or no understanding of effective business, management and marketing skills to grow your business. With over 25 years experience in these diverse areas I can save and make you a fortune from my learning experience and that of my peers in the industry.

Included In Each Package
  • Website Hosting - Using my own private server to reduce 3rd-party dependence
  • Website Security - Each website has been installed with anti-hacking software
  • Offsite Backups - Daily backups of website that is not 100% guaranteed elsewhere
  • Website Restore - In the worst case you website can be quickly restored if ever hacked
  • One-Day Workshop - "The Psychology and Implementation of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy"
  • Weekend Workshop - "Passion2Profit UK" (Business And Marketing Integration) - Upon public demand
1. Instant Starter Package
  • A website that's simple, intuitive, mobile-friendly, customised and personalised
  • Skype consultation with David Lee on video and photo requirements from you
  • Online training library for capturing your welcome and customer videos and photos
  • Studio lighting set up at live training days to perfect your photos and videos
  • Professional copywriting of Home, About Me/Us and Services pages
  • Embedding of key search phrases for your Home, About Me/Us and Services page
  • New customer website name and address capture for first-time offer
  • Website visitor Contact Me page that emails you directly
  • Your own Blog page to keep your website dynamic and Google friendly
  • Creation of your own Google account and Youtube channel
  • A copy of my book "The World's Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed"
2. Instant Advanced Package
  • All of the above in the Instant Starter Package
  • An additional 4 fixed webpages: Testimonials, Meet Us, News and Photo Gallery
  • Up to 4 additional customised webpages according to your business
  • Professional copywriting of all additional pages
  • Create/update webpages in your own development website
  • Additional Skype consultation with David Lee on branding and new pages
  • Comprehensive website-to-social media integration creating a dynamic web presence
  • Social media inclusions: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Custom designed logo for all online/offline marketing
  • Blog post social media sharing at the click of a button
  • Embedding of one review site of your business onto website, eg Google, TripAdvisor
3. Instant Ultimate Package
  • All of the above in the Instant Advanced Package
  • Set up and control of your own auto-responder for ongoing marketing needs
  • Up to 5 customised webpages with your personal video marketing after opt-in
  • Additional Skype / In Person consultation with David Lee on business marketing
  • Set up of your own private video channel visible to your opt-in clients only
  • Setting up of multiple Podcasting channels automatically loaded from your blog posts
  • Custom designed double-sided full colour business card and promo card
  • Optional access to my Filipino team for your ongoing website and social media support

Common Questions And Answers

What is Instant Internet Identity?

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The Instant Internet Identity is an automated and systemised marketing online presence that is upscaleable as your business grows. Many would like to think they are buying a website. With over 25 years of business systems experience I am offering your life back, saving you time, money and effort on repetitive and uneccessary manual tasks.

You are most likely mistaken if you think a website developer comes with my years of experience in business systems, marketing, copywriting, computer technology all rolled into one! That is what you are paying for so as not to end up with just another website that visitors leave within seconds of arrival.

Can I still get the Instant Internet Identity system if I live outside the United Kingdom?

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Yes. As long as you are online and we can communicate on Skype then you can be located anywhere in the world.

Do I have access to the website source code?

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Each website comes with my own intellectual property and software licences. You have rights to the webpages only if you have purchased either the Instant Advanced or Instant Ultimate Packages. For example, functionality like nightly backups, social media integration with website, automatic podcast creation from blog postings, anti-hacking protection to reduce chances of virus attacks, etc, have all been included that are not part of the visual website pages but just as important!

Should you wish to discontinue hosting or change website developer you will have the webpages to do so, but will need to reintegrate the other functionality.

Can I work with you if I am just starting out my business?

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Yes, but you need to meet my criteria. I need to see you actual business commitments rather than your future business aspirations alone. You must have an actual product or service now available, have staff working for you, and have a marketing budget. There are instances where I can assess your circumstances on its merits, but the decision to work with you will be at my discretion.

Why can't I have my own custom-designed website?

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You can...but are you going to pay the price for it? For most small businesses they need first to see the results of what they are spending their money on. With the "look and feel" customisation and personalisation of my existing templates, no site will ever look like another. Our online discussions will further crystallise the angle and delivery of your message that stands it apart from others.

I have found it far more practical to get an effective and productive web presence in place first and worry about such details when your budget can easily afford a more expensive presentation. You are getting a highly effective solution at a fraction of its value that I can offer you through the considerable reduction in overhead costs to a typical website development.

Can I update my website after it has been set up?

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That depends on what package you have purchased. The Instant Starter Package only allows you to add and modify your blog posts. Upon upgrading to either the Instant Advanced or Instant Ultimate Packages you will have access to your webpages only in a separate working domain with your own copy of the licenced software that the system has been developed in.

You can set up your working environment yourself and request at a fee the transfer of all your webpages. Otherwise, I can arrange for this to be done for you for an all-inclusive fee that includes loading all the webpages from the production copy. Any changes that you wish to thereafter transfer into the live production site will be charged at a one-off or monthly cost, depending what you deem to be the most cost-effective depending upon your business activity. Please enquire to discuss when ready to upgrade to this level.

What if I am camera-shy about being seen in public?

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You have a choice to make. Either have someone become the spokesperson of your business or approach this as part of your personal development. As someone who should be best placed to talk about what it is you offer customers then you are the best candidate. I provide instructions in my video training library how to do simple and effective presentations. Like anything you will be surprised just how quickly you get used to doing this with practice. Additionally, at my live training events you will get further training on effective presentations and be able to update your original videos.

What if I can't attend your live trainings?

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I shall be providing highlights from my one-day live event training in my video training library so you get the essentials. Unfortunately, my 2-day Passion2Profit UK training is restricted to live attendees within the UK only under my licensing agreement.