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Start Small Think BIG!

People Will Buy From You When They Buy Into You

Every small business owner I speak to tells me how good they are compared to their competitors, yet through my outsider eyes, they still look and sound like everyone else! If people nowadays are searching online to solve their problem, why would you ever want them to judge you as just another "same as, same as"? People really do judge a book by it's cover these days!

Think about your entire web presence as being a tool of seduction. You are seducing the browsing suspect to become a customer, then a raving fan and finally a independent referral to their friends and family. You only have seconds to arouse their interest, engage them and get them thinking, "I want to know more". That is where most analytical-thinking website designers and developers get it wrong. They have little or no understanding of the psychology of how the human mind goes through the predominantly emotional process of a making a purchasing decision.

If you think I am selling you a website then you've got it all wrong. What you see before you goes to the core of answering the key objection people will have, and the question that must be answered, "Why should I do business with you?"

The Instant Internet Identity system gives you the technological and marketing answers to that pertinent question in 3 stepping-stone phases. I am allowing you to grow your business accordingly. Start small THINK BIG!

Nothing To Order On This Page

Only Discuss Further On Skype

Unfortunately, my Instant Internet Identity system is not for everyone. For that reason I insist on speaking to serious applicants on a short Skype call to ensure this is for you. Putting together a personalised and customised online presence requires contributions from us both, plus a positive attitude towards people and your business. You need to feel comfortable and confident that I really do have the experience to lead your business forward in the right direction.

Your Business Launch Pad Takes Off Here

The Instant Starter package that you see below is more than just a website. It is the foundation layer that is your online word-of-mouth marketing portal to the world. If you were the "suspicious" visitor looking to make a purchasing decision would you feel more at ease if a spokesperson first introduced himself or herself to you up front and showed you some existing customers? My own marketing research repeatedly tells me the answer is, "Yes". So why don't you? And if you do, would you know what are the essential things they should and shouldn't say?

Therefore, if you prefer to be less effective and hide behind your business then this is not for you. This is not complicated, just a different approach to engage your audience and hold their attention. This goes to the heart of your business from branding, clear message, sales funnel and most importantly...proof!

The Instant Starter Package

More Than Just A Website

What's Included Once Your Instant Starter Website Is Running

1. INSTANT Domain Registration And Website Hosting

Your domain will be registered and then linked to my own dedicated private server. It was due to my own aggravations on a shared host server that I now have a private server only being used for my websites and that of my clients. I am saving you much time and frustration having taken care of all that for you.

2. INSTANT Security

Do you remember?

  • Ashley Madison hacked 15/7/2015 
  • TalkTalk hacked 23/10/2015
  • BBC hacked 31/12/2015
  • Your website hacked (Not "If" but "When")

Like a house burglary, most small business owners think it won't happen to them until it does. I have included website security to reduce the potential of being hacked, but also have daily off-site backups and emergency restores of your website in a worst-case scenario.

3. INSTANT Ongoing Education

Let me remind you that Instant Internet Identity is not just a website. To compliment what we are doing online you will be invited to attend my one-day live training"The Psychology and Implementation of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy", and upon public demand to my two-day event, "Passion2Profit UK - Business Development and Online-Offline Marketing Integration".

What's Included In Your Instant Starter Website Setup

Website Prior To Customisation And Personalisation

Once we start you can expect your Instant Starter website to be fully operational in 14 days. We will agree up front all the deliverables up front before each of us commit to moving forward so we know what to expect and when.

If this seems daunting, don't worry as I have been through this process many times. We must uncover your Unique Selling Point (USP) about your business and the angle needed to deliver that message.

1. INSTANT System Requirements And Expectation Skype Call With David Lee

We will discuss each others requirements for completion and delivery of the Instant Starter system within 14 days. We shall review together the key essentials of your business, website look and feel, and the key essentials needed for copywriting purposes.

2. INSTANT Online Training Library

You shall be registered immediately to the Online Training Library so you know how to prepare your 45-60 second welcome video, capturing 3 x 30-second customer testimonials and how to take engaging personal photos of you and your team. You will also get the opportunity to redo your welcome video and personal photos at one of my training days where I set up a corner of the room for that very purpose.

3. INSTANT Website With Blog

Your new website is personalisedcontent and key-phrase rich with original multi-media content to engage your visitors. Your Home Page will have an opt-in box to capture the name and email address for automatically sending out an immediate promotional coupon (if required). Your offerings will be described on a Services Page (or equivalent). The site will be mobile friendly and have a Contact Me page for visitors to email you directly with an instant pop-up notice on your mobile phone! Additionally, you can create multimedia blogs that can embedded with photos and Youtube videos.

4. INSTANT Copywriting

You will have a professionally written and designed Home, About Me and Sales page for your new website. I have been a copywriter and generated several hundreds of thousands in sales for websites promoting my own products and those of my business partners over the last decade. Not only have I written this website as an example, but I can refer you to other examples of my work. Please note that the written style is dependent upon the branding and business sector pertaining to your website.

5. INSTANT Google/Youtube Account

You shall be set up with your own Google account and branded Youtube channel. People often land on your website as a direct result of your relevant Youtube video content that you also embed into your website blogs. Because video ranks much more than website text this will boost your Google rankings as well as your public profile. Add to this the business and media opportunities from people watching that you are not even aware of.

6. INSTANT Online Marketing Book By David Lee

internet_marketers_davidlee_3d_medCo-written by Darren Stephens, who launched Dr John Gray's (Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus) career, and David Cavanagh, an internationally recognised internet marketing coach,  and myself. Our book has been specifically written for the business man and woman that want to understand internet marketing in simple English!

It is also the "ticket" for you to attend my live training workshops as part of your ongoing education programme. Although my 2-day Passion2Profit weekend is available to the general public, my 1-day training on "The Psychology and Implementation of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy" is by private invitation to my clients only.

What's The Real Price Of Doing It Any Other Way?


Website Setup

£597 *

* Payable in advance of any work commencing on website

Annual Administration

£200 *

* Payable prior to your new website going live on Day 14


What Must I Do Next?

1. Book A 15-Minute Skype Appointment With Me

Select A Time That Suits

I could simply just ask you to make a purchasing decision here and now and you would be pretty excited about what's offer. What would that say about me?

Are you even suitable to be selected to work with me together as we grow together? I want  positive people around me that will also meet their obligations that require joint efforts. Go ahead now and book your Skype appointment, but be prepared to make a decision at the end if I have addressed all of your concerns and questions.

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Or, 2. Go Up A Level To Instant Advanced

You Want More? I'll Give You More...

Perhaps you are ready to go to the next level, that being Instant Advance, where you get all of the above and much, much more. This is where we start integrating the power of social media, start creating your own pages, and optionally access to my team in the Philippines.

In fact, at my 1-day live training I'll show you how to create your own webpages using the same simple Plug and Play software as in the Instant Internet Identity system.

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