048: Your Foundations To Building A Business

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To know building blocks syndrome the no building blocks means that is it's not like I I would put the pyramid going up but it's really the milestones the checkpoints with got along the way because it is a long way to go when you've buildings business for the long term and you wonder see when it really getting on way one of the problems I had when I was developing my businesses and I was doing things and my own people can see the progress I was making better than I could because we can't judge us all just like being a Cllr I can tell people when I'm giving guidance and mentoring them I can see it very clearly what one of those the tribes it within yourself try to analyse what you're doing and many times of had mental speak to me and is a David what you doing this don't see what you're missing out on all anything like that and I just can't believe it how can I be so stupid not to sit because sometimes were too close to the fire were too close to see things because when looking at the from clause point of view we can't step back which exclude winter to involve this last item delivered written in email somebody and develop the push the button that can make such a big difference whether you push that button don't push the button because the next day maybe you wouldn't have even sent in the first place that these are the don't acknowledge these little milestones along the way recognise yourself your treatment because if you don't nobody told friends family they can get and scholarly people that you know around it will understand what you're doing what we trying to achieve and it isn't an ego trip so much if you tell your friends and family they think it's ego they think are showing off doesn't make them feel good if I see that you being successful so that find the people around if you got accountability and let them share in the experience that's what I meant of love don't see the testimonials of their students that gives them the feedback proof of the reference point of what the doing is working so you can you find become the same journey will be the same you you not see the impact you have on other people changing the life that put the building blocks in place have those little checkpoints along the way that way when you doing planning a brainstorm connectivity take a walk to the park sometimes just get away from where you are because behind the computer is in the office if it is that busy busy busy I will just go for a walk in the park do it every day every morning quite often when starting up and go for a walk to the park and I just think clearly what it is I'm going to do because we all the pressure that builds up in the open life and big city like that we are living in cloud tell thinking take some time out and go and look after yourself like what the Park go to the gym business women you will find that the ideas will come much quicker than I would have never been before because the level of stress goes down as the stress goes down you can think clearly and better than you otherwise put these have the building blocks the chips that I know from along the way

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