039: The Mindset Of A Business Entrepreneur

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The mindset of a business owner is completely different to that of an employee. Are you ready for it? You've spoken to yourself. Talked it over, maybe with family, and you think you're ready.

Well, what were you when you're were an employee? Quite often you were a specialist. You could have been working for somebody, doing accounting, a plumber for somebody. All that was taken care of, and you are specialist.

But when you start out your own small business in many ways you've got to become a generalist. You have to know different aspects of your business. Not only the core function of your business, which could be that carpenter, that account, whatever, but you have to know everything else that goes on. Who are you going to delegate work to? You eventually may do it all yourself, but you've still got to look to be delegating as you go along. So you have to have a wider skillset.

And the last thing, as a business owner instead of being a follower, that you may well have been as an employee, you now have to become leader. You have to steer your own ship. Are you ready for it? You are the difference! You make things happen. You make the pieces around you. The pieces, the people, that you interact with. You are there to make sure that it all works. It all functions.

So you really have to have a clear idea of what you are trying to set out. What the goalposts that you're heading for. Who are the players that you're going to need in your team to help you get there.

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