052: The Man In The Mirror

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Make that change. Most people don't like change. Change they try to resist as much they can. And they only do it... It's like, think of it... try putting up with a sore tooth. A sore tooth you keep putting off till the pain gets so great you've got to go to the dentist. But you'll put it off while you can resist the pain. You won't go to the dentist. You know what I mean? Think of any analogy like that.

It comes to the point you're going to have to make that change. And when I do speak out in public I quite often refer to the song by Michael Jackson, "Man in the Mirror". Because when we get up, we go to the bathroom. Guess who we're looking at when we turn around? It's the man in the mirror. It's us. It's me, myself and I and nobody else. That's who were accountable for. We're accountable to ourselves that we're going to make the change. Make that change around us. When you've got to make the change first in your own life.

And when you're looking at the man in the mirror, or the woman in the mirror, you've got to know... I'll just be blunt, do you love that person? Are you at ease with that person? Can you look at that person in the eyes and feel good about yourself?

If you can't, how are you expecting other people feel good about you? You've got to be able to feel good. And when you talk about whatever it is you talk to with customers or other people, it's got to resonate in them. So if it doesn't resonate with you, if you're not up and ready for it in the morning, why should other people go along for the ride with you? Why should they be enthusiastic? Times will get you'll have highs and lows, but you've still got to be accountable to the man in the mirror and keep that focus.

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