038: The Business In A Box

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Have you ever been to a presentation on stage? It looked glamorous! It looked cool! It looked fantastic! And you were seduced. You were taken in by the presentation and you thought you could do that too.

Let me tell you, running a business, running your own business is very, very different from seeing somebody present on the stage. It's like seeing a pyramid. And I see running your own business is building the layers, the foundation layers, on top of that pyramid. Does that make sense?

And quite often we get deluded or we are disenchanted or disillusioned when we see something that seems like a "business in a box", but that business in the box is just the very pinnacle of the pyramid. But we forgot about all the layers that come underneath that make that business and box work.

Because the biggest change has to come from within. It has to come from us. It's not only mindset, it's action-set, its implementation. Being prepared to fail before you can succeed.

So, be careful about what you see and hear from the stage. You've got a see the results. You've got see that it can work. Is it congruent with what you want to do, and are you going to apply it? Because too many people buy that business in the box and it stays in the box or stays on the shelf.

So it's got be something that's going to work for you and you're going to be prepared to put in the ground work and be prepared to fail before you succeed.

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