020: Running Your Own Small Business

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There are different areas of business which are totally alien to me, totally foreign, and yet they have the human element that goes between them. And that's why I say, "How can you know everything about everything in your business?"

This is the reaction that I see quite often. I saw this yesterday. When you try to tell people about something that they believe they know like, "Don't tell me how to raise my kids?" When you point out when you have developed a skill of many, many years like I have and you try to give them some guidance and advice about how they could do things better...Rajesh, do you think people always appreciate it?

Rajesh: "No, they don't. They get very defensive."

They get very defensive. You saw that the other night. It's like trying to tell them how to raise their kids. And yet, remember, I am asking you on the call to step out and start looking at yourself from the outside looking in. So you should be able to be objective about yourself, about your business, about how it is running, how it is not running.

And, the people agreed the other night that they don't know everything about everything. And therefore, to run their business quite often they need to be able to have a method of communications with people. They need a structured system, and that's what I talk about guys at Passion2Profit.

Many people have come from, quite often, an analytical environment or an expressive environment but they never always put the two together. And that's what I do and we show you at Passion2Profit how to connect on a human level. And this is getting back to..."Rajesh, when you expressed yourself do you not have core human values that are innate to you that no matter what business you are in, it still connects with you as a human being, your core values? You must have them?"

Rajesh: "Yes, I do have core values."

And so, it is a combination of being able to tune into those core values. If you know me on the call from developing property systems, I had to learn how to identify with those core values. How to connect with people to get them to do what I want, and therefore, it was connecting through with a process, with a system, to make that happen. The alternative is to keep banging my head against the wall, getting it wrong and trying to sell them a "lease option" or an "instalment contract" where, in fact, what I'm doing is selling them a solution.

And this is the entrepreneurial mind that is quite often not activated.

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