034: Reasons And Motivation To Quit Your Job

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If I could sum up. I think what we're seeing here are people's lives today. Is that how you on the call feel at times?

Rajesh: "Yes."

That you are just running, going...trying to keep ends meet going, juggling things and you don't even have time to sit back and evaluate where you're going next. What's right? What's wrong? Where am I going to? You've just got the bills to pay. I just got to make this appointment. I've got to pick up the kids. I've got to do this and that. Life just keeps going by year after year and what have I achieved?

And all of a sudden if we could just put a stop to it. That's all we're trying to do. How can we get off the rails and just stop and say, "What are we doing?" Is that what you're asking yourself at the moment Rajesh?

Rajesh: "Yes. That's exactly where I'm at. That is stage of my life at the moment I'm at. I'm just thinking, 'How much longer can I do this?' When I first joined the company it seemed quite good. It was new and everything. But now, there's been so many changes. I don't get any control over my work. Obviously last week I did a lot of hours and because of that I think it's affected my health as well. So I've got to keep a balance.

But I am looking for something that would be, like you said, financially more enriching. All I'm doing at the moment is running here, running there like a headless chicken. I don't have time to sit down and evaluate where my life is going. And I know something else as well, that if you don't do...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result."

Let's just take a look. What I'm going to talk about...it's the theme that I use and I what I'm going to ask people on this call if they don't mind, "Can we step back out of our life at the moment and start evaluating?"

Now this is what's going on. Our mind is ticking away like this all the time. I could hear you Rajesh, you know, going through it. It's like that rat race out there, and what we have to do is what I had to do was I had to activate my entrepreneurial mind. Quite often, with our background, we just haven't been experienced to it, exposed to it. And I'm going show you exactly what I mean.

This is your life. This is what's going on at the moment. Can you relate to what I was saying the other night about this Rajesh?

Rajesh: "Definitely. It's differently, exactly the way I feel. I feel I'm in a goldfish bowl, and it's going round and round in circles in the goldfish bowl."

Now what I say is that we are all conditioned. We are in a goldfish bowl. It just depends how big the goldfish bowl is. But you are one of these fish, and you are just reacting to your environment, to the other fish. You go up to the screen. You go up to the side of the bowl and all you see is yourself. You don't even realise you're in a bowl.

This is where I know this presentation get's painful. This is where we said, and I said the other night to the people, "Would you mind, and I want you say, 'yes', would you mind if we take you...you're one of these fish. I'm going to grab you and I'm going to pull you out and I'm going to sit you right next to me?"

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