037: Going Into Business For The Wrong Reasons

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People get into their own small business for the wrong reasons! Yes, the wrong reasons.

Not everybody is suited or should be running their own small business, because they're happy having things looked after for them at their place of work. Everything's taken care of. The systems are all in place. They don't have to worry about that. They just plug in and they're very comfortable doing that, plus they love the social aspect of having people around them that are co-employees.

But, one of the number one wrong reason I see is people jump into small business because the money, the pound sign, the dollar sign, whatever it is, the euro. It's just big and bold in front of them. They think they can grab it all that's out there for them rather than sharing it with their boss who they're working long and hard for. They can do it themselves.

Well money is not the main primary factor for motivation. Remember when you were at your job? You got to a 2-3% pay rise. Well how long did that motivation last?

Rather, you need to be thinking about what you can be doing. The freedom. If you want that new house. If you want that holiday. If you want the lifestyle. Send your kids to a private school. These are more motivating factors to you, and I'm sure they will, but they will be a result of your efforts. And the fact that you can do that means you must have acquired the money in the first place.

So please, I see it very often, people focus on the money. Focus on the outcome that you're looking to achieve and go for those goals.

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