054: Get Smart When You Work

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Educate on demand. You need a mentor. I've needed a mentors. But you can't overwhelm yourself.

If I have a handful of money here I'd show you the handful of money. And I'd say to, "Tell me of the money that you see in my hand, which of it's come from running a share-trading business, running my own local business, I could be doing other investments, property investments?" It all looks the same! The money all looks the same. So why are we bothered about where it comes from?

If we keep our focus and we get good at what we're doing, the money will land in our hand. And does it really matter where it's coming from? If you try to bring it in from every single direction before you're ready you fill half the cup. You'll have a dozen cups in front of you. You'll fill half of this one, half of this one, half of this one, and they'll all be half full, but never be filled to the top. In fact, you'll start, through the inaction, you won't move forward. So, be aware of this. Delegate as you move along, and just educate but do it in your own time as the need arises.

Now, that's the path that I've chosen along the way. I've taken mentors into my life. Go over the people that are on my website. Have a look at them yourself and you'll see what mean.

And therefore the skillset that acquires in abundance over time and the people you get to know therefore manifest itself the opportunities become greater. People come to you You're the "go to person" for what you're doing because they recognise you and you therefore have business partners that you never even saw before because you didn't choose them from the outset. They came as a result of your interactions in what you're doing.

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