025: Demonstration Of The Entrepreneur Mindset

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Make yourself interesting and newsworthy. And I showed you an example from last year that I did and it was in the United Kingdom. I had never done this before in the United Kingdom. I had done it with my aunt from Australia. I wanted to go through and get into the media. I had done it once with the property.

Now this is where one of the attendees jumped back into the goldfish bowl. You saw that happening, didn't you?

Rajesh: "Yeah."

I said to the people, knowing that they've come from a rigid corporate background, or somebody who was a life coach that's got a business helping other people. I said, "Would you go and do what I just did?" I rang up. I rang the newspaper and said, and I started role-playing,

David: "I'm desperate. I've got a house. I live in London. I've had people not look after my house."

And started getting emotional.

David: "I'm breaking down. I'm feeling like a nervous wreck."

Over the phone I'm communicating that.

David: "I'm going to be down there at 3 o'clock tomorrow. I don't care! I really I don't care any more what people think or what they say. They may look at me, but I'm just at the state of mind where I can take this anymore. I've been let down so many times. The agent's let me down and everything"

Can you hear in my voice how I'm getting desperate Rajesh?

Rajesh: "Yes. Very desperate. Very emotional."

And the next thing he said, "What time are you saying you're going to be down at the station?"

David:"3 o'clock"

"We'll have our reporter down there at 3 o'clock to meet you with some photos."

Half a page of advertising Rajesh. That made me £20,000. It's got everything about the house right in front there. Would you do that? Would you go in front of people like that out in the open public? This is a metaphor. This is not saying do it. Your business as an accountant will be very different.

But, are you willing to jump out and do something that stands out? I got a half-page advertising. Look! "David Lee, who lives in West London..." There's the house in Dongola Road. It's selling for £125,000. My phone number's there. All this! Please talk to me! How much I paid for that in advertising?

I asked them, "Would you do this?" And I asked the lady, "Would you do this?" And she said, "This is where I've got a problem. I don't know if I can get my face on the Internet. I don't know if I could do something like that. It would be too embarrassing. I couldn't do that."

Remember I said, "Let's get out of the goldfish bowl. Let's have a look at ourselves." Why does Richard Branson do "stuff" like this? And then we start going back to the self. "If I was writing out a cheque for £20,000, are you telling me you would not do this?" And that is where I did the demonstration. I did the demonstration, "Are you a 95-percenter at heart or are you a 5-pecenter?"

What were you reading from that situation Rajesh? Somebody that told me, that told you, that said what she did. What guarantees did she offer with what she did? Rajesh, what guarantee?

Rajesh: "She seemed to be very, what's the word, when you said to her about 100% guarantee, I remember her expression. She didn't seem to buy into it, which was a bit strange, because, why wouldn't you offer someone a guarantee?"

I'll show them the guarantee that I offer. You saw it on the back of my card guys. If I asked, "Are you as good as what you say you are?"


Therefore, what you do therefore must work. If people follow the system it must work. If people follow the system what I show them it will work. If they don't follow the system it doesn't work. But there was no guarantee.

What are you offering? What's is your guarantee? Because most people are 95-percenters. They live in fear. They live in fear of taking risk. And yet, there was no guarantee at all. And this is where. "Pop!", back into the goldfish bowl! Straight away, this is where most people end up after they've been to that training.

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