036: Are You Replicating Your Job?

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What many people do is they just go about and end up replicating their job. Remember, as an employee, you didn't have to worry about things like accounts. You didn't have to worry about the tax, it was all taken care of for you. You just received your pay cheque at the end of the week or the end of the month.

But now, when you run your own small business, quite often you take what you were specialised at as an employee, you do exactly the same in your own small business, but then you realise you've got more things you've got control.

You've got to be in charge of your accounts, as I mentioned. Taking care of your tax file returns. It's keeping everything in order. Hiring a bookkeeper. You've got to know about marketing, because now you got your business, what good is it if nobody gets the find out about it?

So the mindset of an employee is very different to the mindset of a small business owner. So that is one the big pitfalls and many people do fall down when it comes to, especially, marketing their own business.

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