049: Are You A Sufferer Of Technophobia?

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Technophobia. Really, having a fear of the technology. Not embracing it and to do so is really at your peril.

How can we move forward? Well we don't always have to do the work ourselves. But what I suggest, and if you look at my website, I've got somebody by the name of David Cavanagh that I've worked with. Is it possible that I can possibly know every aspect of business to the nth degree? No it's not! I need to know what my business is. I need to know the key elements.

And as I progressed along the way I realised that I needed to have certain aspects that came into my business. I needed to understand the economy. It affected my business. As I started moving forward and progressing I realised people need to know about what I did. I had to be able to communicate that message. I also had to create products. And what you're going to create to get the message out there? Communication. If you become the face your company you've got to be able to communicate.

And if you understand it, why do I say to have an understanding? And I'm not saying to do it all. Because people are going to come and give you quotes and you don't know if it's really technologically sound. You don't know if it is financially sound what they're offering. You just don't know. And if you don't know you will simply, and I've seen it, you'll just write out the cheque. And you'll just keep writing out the cheque because you've been hijacked.

Technology has hijacked your business and it just keeps bleeding you financially dry, because you didn't take the time to understand the technology. So that you understood it, didn't have to do it, and be able to get somebody else to do the work for you, but you understand the requirements that you're needing to be of explain it to somebody.

It is so important. If it's not you, somebody in your small business organisation needs to take that role.

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