Special Message For Rick Otton’s Go Direct Property Graduates

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Hi! My name's David Lee.

In case you don't know it, between 2002 and 2010 I was working alongside Rick Otton. We were developing in the United Kingdom the, "How to Buy a House for £1" strategies that you now know and take for granted. And everybody is familiar with Lease Options, Instalment Contracts, Assisted Sales and the like, But, back then, nobody, and I mean nobody understood. I worked with solicitors. I was working alongside mortgage brokers, talking to buyers and sellers, actually doing transactions, putting the whole thing together.

There was no system. I was guessing a lot of steps along the way and working out how to make it work from start to finish. And yet today, people say they can't do a transaction. Well back then it was so difficult. There were same-day mortgages. Banks were giving money away. I had to go and work with the Polish community who didn't qualify.

So what I say to people is, "What's your excuse?" Compared to then, it was so challenging. And yet people cannot, for whatever reason, go and do even the most simple strategy. They go and get training. They go to wealth creation events, property events. The statistics don't lie! 80% of the people that you see at those events simply do very little or nothing. They go and acquire more and more knowledge, to do what? To go to another event to acquire even more knowledge.

Well I'm a business person, and I just want the results. If you're a Go Direct student and you haven't achieved the results, what's the reason? The system works! You've seen so many testimonials of people. They're the 5%...the 5% that acts on an ongoing basis get the results.

Yet, if you one of the 80% that do little or nothing, who are the other people? They're the ones that, I say about 10%, who go and give it a go and then give up. And the next 5%? Well, they get some type of return. They get their money back. They do transaction or two. But is that going to get them out of the job that they don't like? Is that the reason they did it in the first place? You've spent the money. You've had the training. You've got the commitment, and what are you going to do...simply walk away?

What if I did this. Like a student came up to me. He had attended my Passion2Profit training. He realised the power of the marketing, online and off-line, that I'd been showing. He realised what I'd been telling for four years to the Go Direct and property students that attended Rick's training. I told them exactly the steps to implement, and yet most of them did not apply what I said. Even though, with all my experience, I showed them exactly simple steps what to do. I realised, you (can't do) even show people what to do, they won't do it. They've got be motivated and from within. Are you really wanting the results?

So, for the last 12 months I've been developing an instant online presence to give any business the credibility that they need to get themselves established, to make it work for them 24/7. So that if you've got a busy life, you've got the system automated. And, I've also taken away the lack of credibility that he's got, that you've got and I've implemented all that.

You see, within two weeks, I gave him a complete business makeover. He is totally unrecognisable. In fact, I said to Des I would not, as a buyer or seller, do business with you going about it the way you're doing it. That's all changed.

Would you like the same as well? I'm running this one-day workshop, and it's not for everybody! You're going to qualify. You're going to go to the Contact Me page and you're going to answer, as per the instructions, what I'm looking for. I will do what I did with Des, what I'm doing at present, is making you accountable for your actions. I will tell you exactly what you need to do next, after we give you that business makeover, that profile change that you haven't got to give you the credibility.

I'll show you exactly the steps you're going to follow that go along hand-in-hand with the training that you've already had as a Go Direct student. Does this sound as though I'm serious? Of course, I want the results! Do you know why? Because I'm not going to charge you for my guidance. Only when you get the result that you are looking for, from the beginning, from day one when you started this. When you get paid from money you don't have today then I get paid. We'll do a Joint Venture agreement. Just follow the instructions and, if, guess what? If, you choose not to follow the instructions, whose fault is that? It's going to be your fault!

We as entrepreneurs are based upon our actions and results. So I don't get paid and, you don't get a result, unless we both win. Does that make sense? But you have to follow the instructions laid out and it goes hand in hand, as I said, with you've learnt from Go Direct.

Now I know the gurus out there in the industry have not got a good reputation. They go to jail. The have bankruptcies. Well, I'm still here. Rick's still here. What are you going to do? Are you going to be here and making a change? Because I'm going to show you the steps. Nobody else does what I'm doing. Nobody else is willing to back what he's done and allow you to get the result before you pay me.

So, follow what I say. Only 12 is the maximum that I'm looking for to work with and it will be in a secret location. I will not tell people till a week before where it's at, and I will walk through. And if by lunchtime you're not on board, you will simply leave and everybody else will get started. We'll start branding you. Do the makeover, get your branding done, your credibility done that afternoon. Started!

Within 14 days after that you will be online and up and running. Then you're going to be following the instructions that I say. I'll give you a deadline and I will tell you what you've got do and make you accountable.

How does that sound? If it's not for you, you know instantly, because I'm going to make you responsible and accountable for your actions, okay?

So, go and read the page. See the people that I've worked with before. Have a look at what Des has got to say about how we're working together at the moment, and, contact me, answer the questions and I will decide for whatever reason, yes I want you to come, or, no, I don't want you to come. And I'm really, I won't have to justify for what reason I don't want you to come along. I will select the best 12 that I'm looking for and I hope it's yourself.

Thank you.


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