080: Changing Peoples Lives Fact Or Fiction

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Are you needing a change in your business life? You need more sales! You need to get rid of all those costs and overheads and staff that are really crippling your business! How can you do that? How can you take your business to the next level? Well, come and sit right down in the audience there, and we're going to change your life today. It's such an opportunity. Are you ready?

Well my name is David Lee. And instead of being the person sitting in the audience, which I've done myself many times, I quite often was the person behind the stage presenters and developing business systems. And I got to see life on the other side of the fence, and seeing for me the realities of how people really go about changing their life and improving their financial and business circumstances to really make a difference.

Now do you want to know the fantasy or the reality? Let's start off. 95% of the people that are sitting there in the audience will never, ever achieve what they're setting out to do. And I say that not harshly, but through reality. If you want to run your own small business, if you want to be financially successful, it requires foundations, skills, knowledge, development and it just doesn't happen in an instance!

So, you can go to your Tony Robbins weekend, which is great. Nothing against that. But when you come back at the end of the weekend and you're sitting home alone... it's still yourself the same person that you were before that's been little revved up. But, have you got the foundations, the skills, that are required? And the answer is quite often, "No".

So if you sign up to some programme because understand, especially if you're going to an event, where it is free, if there is no sales there's no seminar. So the purpose is to attract people who are looking to "change their life" and the people from the stage giving them what they looking for, the "change of life".

So, quite often I would see... I would see the opportunities there, but I have to evaluate. The problem, quite often, is we do want a get-rich-quick solution, because if it was get-rich slow nobody would turn up, would they? So we want to do everything in haste. We want to do it today, tomorrow, but we don't want to build the steps.

And it just did not resonate with me. I could see the people that quite often signed up for programmes did not have what it takes. They just did not have the foundations, the temperament, the understanding and it was just out of desperation.

That's not everybody! Because the people that I class as being in the 5%, the ones that have application, dedication. They have some type of skills already. All they're doing is amplifying it, leveraging what they know with what other people can contribute, and I have seen the positive results! It's not all negative.

And yet, you could look at what I'm saying or talking about this and be totally, totally shut down! You've got it in your head that everything, like that presentation, is a "get rich quick", translates to "scam", "rip-off". You wouldn't be seen dead there, would you? And so, therefore, you too have a problem. Because the problem is you are closed to looking and evaluating things that could improve your business circumstances because you're totally, let me say, you're totally blinkered to the outside world. And everything you do and say must be right according to the way you see they world.

And yet, what I've found is that people around me there were seeing the world differently. They were successful in their own right. But what was it that made them successful? What were they seeing that these people quite often couldn't see or never would be able to see?

I am developing my business the way I've done over the last 20 years. I've done it in real estate. I've done it in business development. I've gone and been a consultant to many outside industries and accumulated all the knowledge from large to small, medium sized-business in all different circumstances. And I use that. And if I do teach, if I do train people, it's people that are learning based on a lifelong knowledge that I've got and how I can help them.

So, complimentary to developing your business profile, to increasing the audience, I'm also training people how they can master the skills that I took many, many years to learn. And it is really hundreds of thousands of pounds, dollars, euros in self-education that I've taken upon myself over the last 20 years, and encapsulate this into Instant Internet Identity.

There is opportunity out there if you see the opportunity and you're willing to act upon it and follow through upon it. But the question is, "Are you going to do it? Have you got the commitment?"

My name's David Lee. I look forward to perhaps working with you, helping you grow your business as I grow and develop my online business that I've got throughout the world, which is mobile, so I can help as many people as possible as I've been developing my business over the years.

Thank you very much.

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