096: Business Development Training

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Hi! Everybody on Facebook, it's David Lee. Unexpectedly, I've done a one-day training with a group of people here. Gemma asked me to do a website for her and also build up her profile with all the team people that she has working with her. And you're really trying to develop the business here in Iloilo.

David: "Now, how was the day we spent together today?"

Gemma: "Oh, it was great! Thank you for everything."

David: "Based on what I've shown you and what I've shown everybody here, do you think we can get some real interest and attention to the business that you're running here in Iloilo City? What you think? Did you learn enough that you really can apply?"

All: "Yes"

David: "Because I'm going to be following up. I'll be showing you what to be doing. But have you understood basically now the concept of what I'm talking about and why does it make sense now?"

All: "Yes"

David: "Yes? What have you been doing that's going wrong? You've been calling people, 'Sir' and 'Ma'am' and you've been too formal and you keep doing a formula that's not working. Am I correct?"

All: "Yes"

David: "Have you been wasting a lot of time and effort? Now I even had one lady here in tears because I think you said you should have met me about seven years ago. Is that right?"

Attendee: "Yes, because I'm really thinking about doing the business, even coping side by side with the technology. So this is great!"

David: "Now... where would you rather be for running a business, especially if you're doing it online? Would you rather be, say in Europe, United Kingdom or America or Philippines?"

Attendee: "Of course, I'll be doing this in the Philippines."

David: "Because guys I told you, you can be making dollars, euros, pesos. The principles, everything, is exactly the same, but you're spending in pesos!"

Attendees: "So that's great."

David: "And now you know this is the place to be! The formula, everything's the same. Thank you everybody for coming along. And we're going to track your progress. And this is all going to my friends on Facebook. Say hello to everybody!"

Attendees: "HELLO!"

David: "And catch you soon. Thanks very much. Bye! Bye!"

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