099: Why A Website Designer Is Not What You Need

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So you are starting up a small business, or you already run a small business...but don't have a website! What do you do? Run and ask a teenager at college if he or she could put one together for free or a nominal fee. Maybe you go to Google and type in something like, "cheap website designer", "website developer" or "recommended website builder". Another approach would be the do it yourself in your spare time to save some money.

Let me ask you this question, just like I put to my new client Adrian, "Are you wanting a website where most people leave in the first few seconds? Or, are you wanting your website to be found, attract new leads, engage people, offer them something, get them to take action, automating everything and running on autopilot?"

The first option is the equivalent of purchasing a typical business card that looks and feels like most others. It is quick to order and deliver, yet it more than likely results in being thrown away and therefore a total waste of time and expense.

The second option takes a little more thought, time and can be relatively much less expensive in comparison to the returns it can bring in terms of revenue and recognition in the marketplace. The question is, "Do either your website designer or yourself understand business systems and marketing strategies, or are you more like designing something complex, non-intuitive, confusing, jargon-filled and little or no multimedia interface?"

Watch this short video. The client describes how, after just one week, the core of his business has been analysed and dissected, and the result is a visually engaging web presence that is being turned into a sales funnel to save him time, money and effort. In his own words when summarising what a website designer/developer would offer,

"I think they would have given me what I wanted, but I don't think it's actually what I need."

"Now I realise that you're not that person. Most clients would think that they know best."

"David has taken my ideas that seemed like a mess and now put into something really concise."

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