Business Analysis, Website Development, Training, Social Media Setup, Branding, Online Campaigns, Outsource Assistants All Rolled Into One!

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Are You Having Your Own Technological Revolution?

  • Programmer taking forever, not doing it right, and costing a fortune!
  • No recent backups after your website was hacked or corrupted!
  • Wasting time talking to technical people on things you don't understand!
  • Spending hours on social media posting instead of your real job!
  • Terrible experience hiring overseas virtual assistant that didn't work out!

Before You Do Anything Else...Get Registered!

Even if you decide to do things your way, get a copy of my FREE report and 5-part video series where I will save you much stress, frustration and cost from the potential pitfalls that await unless you have been forewarned!

How do I know this? Because I have been down that path as well and it's not fun! What differs with me is that I am a business and systems person first and foremost. I go in and do all the behind-the-scenes work that most others prefer keeping well away from.

You may be relatively new at running your own business, so don't fall into the trap of trying to work everything out yourself. My special report and video series will highlight just as much what you probably don't know as it will what you need to know to automate all aspects of your online web presence!

Instant Internet Identity Is Not Just A Website!

Are you wanting a web-site or a web-solution? Most small-business websites are nothing more than a CV or resumé online! Especially within a common industry they almost always look the same. Just go and do a Google search on something like. "electrician Kingston" or "accountant Cambridge" and you'll see what I mean.

These days your entire web presence is a multi-entry gateway to your business. As the "suspect" in the eyes of the sceptical consumer you are being judged sight unseen. Your marketing message and you are being scrutinised just as much as your products and services.

Instant Internet Identity is ideally suited to small-to-medium sized businesses that need a complete business, marketing and technological solution that removes 95% of your day-to-day involvement on redundant tasks that you don't need to do.

A Summary Of What You Get And That's Not All!

  • Business and marketing analysis prior to positioning you online!
  • Customised and consistent online branding and other imagery!
  • Interconnected website and social media sites capturing leads!
  • Personally-trained virtual assistants working at a fraction of staff rates!
  • Online training support on how to implement and engage people!
  • Capture of names and emails for your video marketing campaign!
  • And that's just a fraction of the entire package that awaits you!
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What you see above is only highlights of the complete online solution you have been looking for your business! If you want to discover exactly how the Instant Internet Identity system will free up 95% of your online marketing time and costs, click here to find out now!

Best wishes,

David Lee P.S. I also look forward to speaking to you on your FREE 15 minute personal consultation if seriously interested creating your own online web presence that includes my business development and marketing support.